V O C A L    C O A C H I N G    C L A S S E S
By Marva
Teaching Philosophy

My way of Coaching will enhance the students natural voice,
make it stronger and teach voice control.
Students learn not to stress their vocal chords by using their bodies
through my unique technique of Coaching.

About me

Today, I offer you a lifetime of accumulated experience and
professional entertainment for your enjoyment.

From appearances around the world and across our USA, to the White House, the Lincoln,
Kennedy and Manhattan Centers, Carnegie Hall, Universities and Local Venues.

Entertaining and singing brought me the opportunity to meet, aquaint and become friends
to people just like you and me. These people enjoy being entertained, while I enjoy entertaining.
If it were not for the craftsman around me, I may have not achieved much of the success
and acknowledgements blessed upon me. If it were not for the treasures, memories and
kindnesses given with open hearts from the people I entertained, I truly would have
missed out on the most treasured gift of all - entertaining you.

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